One Pot Luck

Small-town slow cooker just wanting to keep note of everyday discoveries.

Sun salutations are the basis of yoga practice, here's a shorter sequence to help bring diversity to your own routine.

Working towards sirsasana.

Crawl back into your shell

Find out about the calming and comforting properties of forward bends.

Sweet potato, chickpea and chorizo jumble

Exactly what it says on the tin, a jumble. The first experiment I had with my slow cooker. The great thing about my Morphy Richards is that the container itself can be placed directly on the hob. It can be used to sear... Continue Reading →

Sequence for tension in the upper back

Click here for some simple stretches to relax the upper back

TGIF stew

Click here to learn about the lettuce crisis and see my seasonal stew.

5 reasons I love yoga

namasté (my soul hears your soul)


Curious about the French dictionary... click here to find out why!

The benefits of hip opening poses

Prompted by a desire to know a little more about the benefits of stretching the hip muscles, I've written a small summary on the chakra system and some points for pigeon pose.

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