No matter how often I practice yoga, Chaturanga is the position that I find consistently difficult. Chaturanga is a movement used in Sun Salutation to flow from standing, down to the mat. From a standard forward fold, the feet should be stepped one-by-one back to plank pose. It is important to maintain a tight core in this position, not allowing the hips to sag. If this tightness is maintained, the preconception that Chaturanga depends on arm strength is invalidated. Alongside a tight core, activation should be felt in the legs, heels, shoulder blades and sternum. Tautness in the entire body helps its suspension suspend just above the ground.

The pictures below illustrate the difference.

As you can see I’ve finally found a use for my 2000 page, hardback French dictionary!

Placing a block under the chest can help to keep the body straight and prevents the body from lowering too far. Ideally my uppers arms would be in parallel with my torso, but only if the body can remain taut.

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